Spring is in the Air at St Josephs

It seeSpring is in the airms that our winter weather is finally leaving to make way for spring! Trees are budding and plants are beginning to flower. High time for the Spring Newsletter from St Josephs.

Rooms are still available in both the new and old wings. There are a total of 55 residents now. The fee is only $2,000.00 per month in the new wing, compared to an average cost of over $3,000.00 for other assisted living facilities in Dallas.

Upcoming Events:

  • Easter Sunday—April 20. No doubt the Easter Bunny will visit as well.
  • Annual spring picnic hosted by the Duncanville Knights of Columbus in May. Call for exact date in early May if planning to attend.


Apr 04—Patricia F.                                  May 04—Eleanor M.

Apr 10—Hope P.                                      May 10—Elisa A.

Apr 14—Sylvia B.                                    May 10—Helda P.

Apr 20—Anna Marie F.                           May 20—Velma L.

Apr 24—Diane C.                                     May 22—Pura O.

Jun  01—Maria L.

Jun  24—Claudia M.

Jun  29—Mary A.

In Memoriam:

While were no deaths in the past 3 months, please continue to remember our deceased family members and their relatives in your prayers.

Staff Recognition: Sister Carolina Sánchez Botero

Sister Carolina Sánchez Botero grew up in a very warm family atmosphere of nine siblings. She is the fourth one of the family and as a religious woman, she seems to be the center of all. She did her studies with the Bethlemite Sisters in Anserma, Caldas. She then joined them as they left a strong mark in her life for their joyful testimony and for their commitment to the needy. The mystery of Bethlehem in the humbling of the Son of God was another enticement for her to join the Bethlemites.

She feels her life has been a blessing. She has been given many opportunities to grow in the love of God. She feels privileged to have had the opportunity to work in the different apostolates of the Bethlemite Congregation: as an educator and director in the field of education in Colombia; as a founder and provincial in India; in the work with the elderly at St. Joseph’s; and in a home for children in Panama. She also has been active with the Catholic Biblical Federation participating in the following General Assemblies: The Third Plenary Assembly held in Bangalore, India; the Fourth Plenary Assembly held in Bogotá, Colombia; and the Seventh Plenary Assembly held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. In all these assemblies she was called to do translations from Spanish to English or vice versa.

She did her college education in Winona, Minnesota and counts this as another special blessing in her life. She is currently the director of St. Joseph’s Residence.

New Building Project:

The St. Joseph’s Residence building expansion structure is now complete. However, the second floor itself is not yet finished. If you are able to help fund this endeavor, please contact Bob Hohman, Business Manager, at 214-948-3597 or bob@stjr.org. A contribution in the name of a loved one would make a lasting tribute to that individual.

A full version of the Spring newsletter can be downloaded by clicking here.


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