Summer Newsletter 2014

Summer NewsletterWhile summer is here, the hot weather has arrived earlier than usual. The air conditioning is already working overtime.

Good news! St. Joseph’s is full! There are a total of 60 residents now. We have hired a new Resident Care Aid and a temporary summer Janitorial Assistant.

We maintain a waiting list; if you are interested, please contact the Business Manager (see information below). The fee is only $2,000.00 per month in the new wing, compared to an average cost of over $3,000.00 for other assisted living facilities in Dallas.

Upcoming Events:

  • July 4th



Jul 09—Elvira S.                            Aug 23—Bruce C.

Jul 12—Evelyn O.                          Aug 26—Josephine P.

Jul 21—Sylvia L.

Jul 22—Mary C.                              Sep 08—Bobby S.

Jul 25—Lorraine H.                        Sep 24—Mary Elizabeth R.

Jul 25—Filo S.

Jul 30—Edmund B.

Jul 31—Carmen W.

 In Memoriam:

The following family member of St. Joseph’s Residence recently passed away: Rafael Ocasio (4-21-14). Please remember him and his family in your prayers.

Staff Recognition: Sister Adelaide Bocanegra

Sister Adelaide was born in Sevilla, Colombia. She has 1 brother and 2 sisters. She attended college in Colombia for 2 years before joining the Bethlemite order.

For the past 55 years, Sister Adelaide has spent her entire career devoted to the care of the elderly at St. Joseph’s Residence, and ensured that their final days are spent in an atmosphere of dignity, understanding, and love. Called the “Mother Teresa of Columbia,” Sister Adelaide has been a pillar of the faith and the community since 1959. The Dallas community has benefitted greatly from her kind leadership and personal integrity. Truly, she is a testament of how unwavering faith in both God and her fellow man can inspire those around her.

Consider her example. Once when asked if you had to be Catholic to be in St. Joseph’s, she replied with a smile, “No, but they usually are when they leave.” She further added, “We don’t serve them because they are Catholic, but because weare.”

Her great service, however, is far from over. In fact, at ? years young, she shows no signs of stopping or retiring! She continues to be a shining example to the rest of us of just how many lives one person can touch. St. Joseph’s Residence is truly blessed to have Sister Adelaide among us.

New Building Project:

The St. Joseph’s Residence building expansion structure is now complete. However, the second floor itself is not yet finished. If you are able to help fund this final phase, please contact Bob Hohman, Business Manager, at 214-948-3597 or A contribution in the name of a loved one would make a lasting tribute to that individual.

  You can download the St Joseph’s Summer 2014 newletter by clicking here.



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