The Carolina


  • Private Room
  • Private Bathroom
  • Private Shower
  • Cable-Ready
  • Wide-screen TV Included
  • Furnished Bed with Adjustable Base
  • Granite-top Vanity Desk
  • Wooden Bookcase

Price: $2200/mo

Approx 250 sq ft

The Saint Carolina Suites have been recently renovated for your comfortable living experience. The suite offers a private washroom, beautiful wood furniture, and a cable-ready TV.

Base Level Fees

The starting fee, stated above, is for the indicated type of Unit offered at the Base Level Fee.  See discussion for Base Level Services.

Additional Level Fees

At this time St. Joseph’s does not charge for different levels of care.  The fee charged is an inclusive fee.  If, however, the resident reaches a point where the staff are unable to provide adequate and appropriate care, the family will be notified that other arrangements will need to be made.

Additional Person(s) Fee(s)

Each additional person in a Unit is Eight Hundred Dollars ($800) per person per month.

Waiting List Deposit

Units are popular, and on many occasions, there is a waiting list.  A deposit of One Thousand Dollars ($1,000) reserves the right of first refusal on a Unit of your choice (in the order in which the Waiting List Deposit was made) when such Unit becomes available.  If the resident is admitted, the waiting list deposit will convert to the security deposit.

Administrative Fees

Resident agrees to pay an administrative fee of Thirty Dollars ($30) for each returned check plus additional administrative fees for late payment.

Security Deposit

When the Applicant becomes a resident of St. Joseph, the Waiting List Deposit is transferred to the Security Deposit.  An Applicant who has not previously deposited a Waiting List Deposit is required to place a One Thousand Dollar ($1,000) Security Deposit if the Applicant is permitted to move in immediately.  Security Deposit refunds are made when the resident departs St. Joseph’s less any unpaid fees.